Ed, Scott & Bill

Ed Phillips - Scott Romeo - Bill Blades

We help you and your business grow sales, profits and plan for today and the future. Our team of Founding Members each has over 10,000 hours expertise in business.

Working with one company, sales grew from $50 million to $87 million in 18 months.

A client with whom we worked on developing a presentation, earned him a property listing that sold quickly and earned him a 5-figure commission.

One client’s strategic plan, when submitted to the IRS, earned them a registered $200 million tax shelter.

Success with our clients comes from a quick and complete diagnosis of the issues you are facing and sharing that with you. This enables us to prescribe how we can work with your team individually or with our team members that get you the results you require. Above all, you will be told the truth. Truthfully is how we best serve you and what you wish to accomplish.

You will not be “farmed out” to trainees or assistants. The Top Gun Business Advisors working with you will all have 10,000 hours of relative experience to help you.

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