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As a sought after business, professional development and communications coach, Ed Phillips draws upon an impressive background in radio and television broadcasting, public speaking, politics and government relations, writing and business. If that weren’t enough, he is also an expert witness, college educator and airplane and helicopter pilot!

For more than 30-years Ed Phillips has been in broadcasting – both radio and television. He was broadcast on more than 25 radio stations in the Midwest and has made over 20,000 television appearances on NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox affiliates as a popular meteorologist, talk show host and broadcast personality. During that time he conducted over 3,000 interviews with celebrities, political leaders, business leaders and authors in Arizona. Through those interviews he learned personal secrets of success, which he shares with his many clients.

His engaging style, his charismatic personality and his quick wit made him one of the most popular on-air personalities for decades.

Ed Phillips is also an author and expert witness. Drawing on his meteorological background, Ed Phillips has written 200 related articles and over 15 books including, “Crisis in the Atmosphere: The Greenhouse Factor’. That expertise in the environmental sciences made him a sought-after expert witness for such corporate clients as Salt River Project, one of the electric utilities in Arizona and Qwest, another public communications utility. Through this unique range of experience, Ed learned the ins-and outs of being a good witness and how that skill can apply to one’s business.

His enormous popularity with the public helped launch him in a political career that followed as Ed Phillips was elected to the Arizona State Senate for two terms. In that role, he was Chairman of the Air Pollution Study Commission and served on the Arizona State Senate Commerce Committee as Chairman.

He was also appointed by the Mayor of Scottsdale to serve on the Scottsdale Airport Commission. Through that service and his knowledge of the way the legislative process works, Ed is able to help many businesses navigate the world of government relations and the political environment.

As an entrepreneur, Ed has owned four different businesses – so he also understands enormous stress, the pain of failure and the exhilaration of success. He was a pioneer in Internet broadcasting with an innovative Almanac show from 2004 through 2008 and was a pioneer in the field of text to voice messaging over 20-years ago. He created a unique radio broadcast network and also owned a retail business so his range of knowledge is not only vast but relevant to the clients he helps with management support, sales and customer service advice.

Ed Phillips has won countless awards in broadcasting, the nonprofit world and won the Citizen of the Year Award from the Arizona Innovation Network. He was educated at Parks College of St. Louis University and has been an Adjunct Professor at 21st Century Learning; Past Instructor at Arizona State University and Adjunct Professor at Scottsdale Community College.

He has spoken to over 500 different audiences. Ed Phillips resides in Scottsdale, Arizona