Bill Blades, Founder

Bill Blades, Founder

Sales and leadership are Bill specialties. He’s worked with diverse clients such as: Bar-S Foods, Buick, ConAgra, Delta Airlines, Fox Studios, Hyatt, Motorola and Sysco. 

A distributor stuck at $50 million in revenue for 5 years grew to $87 million in 18 months working with Bill. A Manufacturer's  EBITDA grew 9-fold during his 3-year tenure.  The firm went from their first-ever sales decline to record revenue. 

In a critical situation, he has stepped in as Vice President of Sales to supercharge sales and motivate the sales team. Bill energizes upper management teams with strong leadership skills in one on one situations, in groups and even in “Boot Camp” corporate retreats.

He is the author of "Top Gun Selling,Winning Tactics of the Top 2% of Sales People.  Bill’s motto is “Always deliver more that you promise”.



Ed Phillips, Founding Member

A recent client lacked the confidence and presentation skills he needed to land a large real estate listing. The client got wildly conflicting advice on effective presentations in a corporate setting. Up against stiff competition he wanted to showcase his fresh ideas and make his case with confidence to a group of property owners.

Working with Ed, the client aced the presentation and won the listing because he learned how to make an engaging, confident, high-stakes presentation.  The recently completed $2.6 million transaction earned him a hefty 5 figure commission.

With decades in radio, television, Ed Phillips is an expert in communications, media, presentations and negotiations. He has made over 20,000 live television appearances, delivered over 550+ speeches and has written 28 books. Ed also served two terms in the Arizona State Senate, chairing the Commerce Committee.



Scott Romeo, Founding Member

Scott helps clients evaluate the past, understand the present and achieve the future. With 25 years of consulting experience and 17 years teaching at the university, combined with his 3 books on strategy that have sold in over 13 countries, he is known as THE STRATEGY EXPERT®

He has been involved in over 5,000 plans all over the world. One U.S. plan was submitted to the IRS and registered as a $200M tax shelter. He has worked with the analytics department at Banner Health; HBO strategic relationship attorneys in Singapore; PPT (Thailand’s only company to be listed in the Fortune Global 500); GlaxoSmithKline with Singapore strategic opportunities and many others. 

Scott views client organizations from both a strategic macro as well as an implementation perspective. He is practical, behavior-based and tells clients what they “need to hear, not necessarily what they want to hear” when it comes to strategy.